Islamabad, the 10th largest city of its country, is the capital of Pakistan.

It has a population of 2 million people and it reaches 4.5 millions by counting its neighbouring twin city of Rawalpindi.


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Islamad is located in the Pothohar Plateau in the notheastern side of Pakistan.

The city is home of the Faisal Mosque wich is the largest mosque in South Asia and the 4th largest Mosque of the world. There are sixteen recognized universities in the city, including the Quaid-I-Azam University, the National University of Science And Technology and also the AIOU which is the one of world largest university by enrollment.


Islamabad is connected to major destinations around the world through Benazir Bhutto International Airport, previously known as Islamabad International Airport. The airport is the third largest in Pakistan and is located outside Islamabad, in Chaklala, Rawalpindi. In fiscal year 2004–2005, over 2.88 million passengers used Benazir Bhutto International Airport and 23,436 aircraft movements were registered.  Islamabad Gandhara International Airport is under construction at Fateh Jang to cope with the increasing number of passengers. When completed, the airport will be the largest in Pakistan. Islamabad is a net contributor to the Pakistani economy, as whilst having only 0.8% of the country’s population, it contributes 1% to the country’s GDP Islamabad Stock Exchange, founded in 1989, is Pakistan’s third largest stock exchange after Karachi Stock Exchange and Lahore Stock Exchange. The exchange has 118 members with 104 corporate bodies and 18 individual members. The average daily turnover of the stock exchange is over 1 million shares. As of 2012, Islamabad LTU (Large Tax Unit) was responsible for Rs 371 billion in tax revenue, which amounts to 20% of all the revenue collected by Federal Board of Revenue.


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