We can redirect your mail (letters and parcels up to 99 pounds) anywhere in the world, according to the frequency you choose: Upon receipt, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.

We offer three types of services


Express service by FedEx and DHL

(1 to 5 working days)

Minimum deposit of $200 at time of rental. To get FedEx Rates, please visit the FedEx website.


Air Mail service

for letter only (7 to 15 working days)

Minimum deposit of $100 at time of rental. To get Air Mail Rates, visit the USPS, Canada Post or other National Post website (retail prices of our Affiliated Center can be higher than the rates published on the websites).


Scanning mail services

You can have your mail scanned and sent to your E-Mail address. The price for this service may be different according to the chosen cities (this service IS NOT available in all mail center).

Mail Forwarding Fee: Your account will be debited when your mail is being forwarded to your address, plus any applicable transport fees, depending on the service you choose (Express Service or Standard Air Mail). When your deposit account runs low, we will notify you to request additional funds.

Mail Forwarding Fee Chart

Weight or DWT** Fee Weight or DWT Fee
0-9 lbs $ 10.50 55-59 lbs $ 28
10-14 lbs $ 12 60-64 lbs $ 30
15-19 lbs $ 14 65-69 lbs $ 32
20-24 lbs $ 16 70-74 lbs $ 34
25-29 lbs $ 17 75-79 lbs $ 36
30-34 lbs $ 18 80-84 lbs $ 38
35-39 lbs $ 20 85-89 lbs $ 40
40-44 lbs $ 22 90-94 lbs $ 42
45-49 lbs $ 24 95-99 lbs $ 44
50-54 lbs $ 26

The deposit and the mail forwarding fee may be increased depending on the volume of mail received and the frequency of mail to be redirected. During the rental period, funds that are not used for redirecting your mail will be reimbursed. In this case, a money order will be mailed to you, along with a detailed statement of account.