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Who uses alternate addresses?

Mail-order companies, frequent travellers, foreign businesses, staff working abroad, home-based businesses, personal ad respondents, etc.

How do I know my mail privacy will be secure?

Our Affiliated Centers are authorized CMRAs (Commercial Mail Receiving Agencies). The U.S. Post Office closely monitors mail-receiving agents to make sure they offer the same level of mail privacy as the U.S. Post Office itself. The fines and inevitable prison terms associated with mail tampering serve as a guarantee that your mail will be handled with the most care and professionalism. Experienced, bonded professionals handle your mail in a private and secure fashion.

Why shouldn’t I simply rent a P.O. Box at the U.S. Post Office?

The U.S. Post Office requires that you apply in person for a P.O. Box, which is not very practical for out-of-state or out-of-country customers. Furthermore, P.O. Boxes only accept U.S. Mail, not FedEx and UPS packages, and mail cannot be forwarded to your actual home address from a P.O. Box.

Who has access to International Mail Forwarding Network records?

If you use the mailbox for business purposes, we can only give your name and real address to Law Enforcement Officials or Postal Inspectors in the event of a formal inquiry on their part. If you apply as an individual only, an actual court subpoena is required before we can give up information that concerns you.

How do I sign up?
  • Choose the city where you want a mailing address.
  • Click on Set-up a mailing address bottom.
  • Fill out each section of the form, following each step.
  • Read and accept the Mailing Address Rental Agreement.
  • Last step: Print the Application Form and Form 1583.
  • If you rent an American mailing address, you must sign Form 1583 in the section indicated (this form will be filled by your account manager).
  • Scan a clear photocopy of your two (2) pieces of valid identification.
  • Send your Application Form and other documents (Application Form, Form 1583, a clear photocopy of your 2 pieces of Identification and of both sides of your credit card) by e-mail, fax or post.
  • Upon receipt of your complete application, we will confirm your new mailing address within 24-48 hours.
What kinds of payment are accepted?
  • Credit Cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express (The transactions are carried out in CANADIAN DOLLARS – 5% will be added as administration fee)
  • Bank transfer
  • International Money Order
Which ID do I have to provide to rent a mailing address?

Every individual who wishes to obtain a mail forwarding address needs to provide a copy of two (2) forms of valid identification, one of which shall include a photograph. Acceptable forms of identifications are:

  • National Passport or US Passport
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Aircraft Pilot’s License
  • Business or Industrial ID Card
  • Utility Bill
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Corporate ID, Dept. of Social & Health Service
  • Government Employee ID Card
  • Home or Vehicle Insurance Policy
  • Military / Armed Forces ID Card
  • State Issued ID Card
  • University ID Card
  • Vehicle Registration Card
  • Voter Registration Card.
Can I get my mail to my mailing address under several names?

When you use our mailing address, you can get your mail under three (3) different names (name or business name). You will need to provide the appropriate ID for each individual. To receive mail under an additional name, you will need to pay additional fees.

Can I change my forwarding address?

Yes. With International Mail Forwarding Network, it is possible to change your mail forwarding address. To do this, you must send your new forwarding address by e-mail at least 7 days before you want the change of address to be made. A fee of $25 will be processed once the mail forwarding address has been changed.

How do I contact the Customer Info Center?

When you fill out the Application Form, you will need to choose a Login Name and a Password to get access to the information on your account. In addition, you will be able to obtain information on your mail forwarding service.

What will my address look like?

In the U.S.:
Your Name or Company Name
Street Address, #___
City, State, Zip Code

In Canada or other country:
Your Name or Company Name
Street Address, Suite #___
City, Province., Postal Code

What other designations can I use?

You can use “Box #”, “Unit #”, or “Space #”, but you must never use “P.O. Box #”

How long it will take to set up a mailing address?

For U.S. & Canadian mailing addresses: one (1) working day
For other locations around the world: two (2) working days

Could I use my own FedEx account to redirect my mail?